Stairlifts in Spain – Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Murcia


Multielevación has the largest catalogue of stairlifts at the best prices.

These are some of the stairlift solutions that we can offer you to adapt your home or the exterior access to it:

  • Chair Stairlifts
  • Platform Stairlifts
  • Lifts: Platform lifts and domestic lifts

1. Stairlifts

The variety of our catalogue of stairlift models allows us to install them in any condition we find in our customers’ homes. We install stairlifts in narrow or wide staircases, in curved or straight sections, always with Multielevación’s installation and maintenance guarantee. Stairlifts are the most sought-after solution in the interior of homes, although sometimes small platforms are used when it is preferred to ascend the stairs in a standing position.

Some models of Chair Stairlifts

2. Platform Stairlifts for indoors and outdoors

We have models of stairlifts for both straight and curved sections. Platform stairlifts are often installed in communal areas of buildings that do not have any other elevation system for wheelchair users. It is a device that can be used by all people with mobility difficulties and is easy to install if there is enough space available.

Our catalogue of stairlifts includes indoor and outdoor platforms installed in curved or straight sections.

Some models of Platform Stairlifts

3. Vertical platform lifts

We have a range of lifting platforms or vertical lifts that allow us to install this type of equipment in any situation. Platform lifts are usually installed in accesses to commercial or private buildings and also in villas or private homes where it is necessary to overcome a significant difference in height. They are very safe and versatile, and are used both by people with some kind of movement difficulty and as a small hoist to save stairs.

Some models of vertical lifts

How much does it cost to install a stairlift?

Getting a quality and guaranteed stairlift or platform stairlift is one of the most necessary measures when a person with reduced mobility lives at home. At Multielevación we have the most complete range of stairlifts with the best prices, aimed at favouring the wellbeing of those people who need help to access the different points of a home or building. And because we take our work very seriously, we always offer you devices with maximum guarantees of performance, durability and safety.

With our stair climbers, manufactured by highly specialised companies and distributed exclusively by us, we provide you with the best current solutions for going up and down the steps leading from one floor to another. Both when it comes to people who cannot make this kind of effort and when it is necessary to secure and raise the wheelchair, we have machines that allow you to overcome this difficulty with a reasonable investment and a simpler installation than it may seem.

Stairlift Price

Do you need access to stairlift technology at prices that are not exorbitant? With Multielevación you have the opportunity to implement, wherever you need it, a device adapted to the mobility needs of people with reduced mobility or disability to move.

The price of a stairlift solution depends on several factors, essentially the model chosen and the difficulty or ease of installation. Regardless of these two factors, Multielevación will get the best price so that our clients are fully satisfied with the stairlift solution chosen. As a guideline, a stairlift has prices ranging from 1.800 € to 12.000 €, a platform stairlift has a budget ranging from 5.500 € to 18.000 €.

It provides a chair for people who are not able to walk on the steps or a platform on which a person in a wheelchair can climb, either to follow the route of a staircase with curves included or to save the vertical difference in height.

We market elevation devices for people with reduced mobility -as well as other products such as our goods lifts or single-family lifts- which have the great guarantee of quality provided by some of the most reliable manufacturers on the market, with whom we have exclusive agreements. Consult the characteristics of each one.

However, our work with economic stairlifts does not stop there. If you count on Multielevación you will have access to an integral service in which we take care of all the necessary works and tasks (carpentry, locksmithing, electricity…) to leave your staircase equipped and fully functional for the access of all people. We do it quickly and with a tight and transparent budget.

Sale of stair lifts in Spain – Stairlifts Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Murcia

We invite you to see our entire catalogue of stair lifts.

Ask for a quote in the nearest town to your home, we are present in Valencia, Castellón, Murcia, Madrid.

Not only do we have technology that allows us to save the curves of the stairs, but we try to have a solution for each case depending on the architectural conditions and the needs of users. Our track lifts or our convertible staircases are some of the alternatives to platforms and stairlifts that we offer in order to adapt and offer a good option to each client. We even have articles as specific as a pool lift that brings any user closer to the possibility of exercising and enjoying the water.

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